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Elena's Story: The Search for Labyrinths ”is a story about four friends who may have actually happened in the 16th century. In Vilnius. The characters of the book allow themselves to search for mysterious underground labyrinths connecting the Lower Castle with the Radvilių Palace. During this journey, the children experience breathtaking adventures, and their friendship is a serious test. We invite you to travel with the main character of the book - the clever and brave girl Elena - in a colorful story, which intertwines historical facts, a legend that has existed for several centuries and the imagination of the author of the text. "It's good to know that the book is read by children, adults, boys and girls. I am extremely pleased to hear that readers say that when they started reading, they could not stop until the last sentence, ”says the author of the text, Neringa Tik. Lithuanian doll Elena, made according to a special order, is the heroine of the book, who lived in the 16th century. In Lithuania, a reflection. The aim of the Tsatsa project is to create an attractive way for a child to take an interest in the history of old Lithuania, to awaken his desire to read and to present fundamental values ​​through stories.
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